Our Story

Our Story

Travelling isn't that easy anymore. And that means that our homes are more important than ever. With our products you can transform your home into an Mediterranean atmosphere. Combine several Maison Boho products in your home or garden for the ultimate boho feeling!

Maison Boho brings unique design from around the globe into your home. Our collection is inspired by our favorite elements from nature: the ocean, the beach, and the bush.

Because we travelled and lived all over the world, we were surrounded by so much richness and vibrant cultures. With our collection we want to take the best from the world and try to bring these styles and vibes into our products and into your own homes. From East to West and North to South. 

Ryan Vu

I began my career in Unmanned Aviation after graduating from university with degrees in Architecture, and Computer Science. I worked many years as a Pilot, and flight operation manager for NASA, various governmental organisations around the world. I was deployed on many missions all over the globe including Japan, Costa Rica, Australia, Guam, and even the Arctic Circle in support of scientific research missions, and military operations.

In 2008 I moved to Australia and again to the Netherlands in 2017 to work as a Chief Pilot. Then I met Anneke. We have a lot in common. Before my career in aviation, I worked also as a sunglasses designer for a big brand. Because of all my travels and also lived in different countries I have a unique commercial vision, and a lot of experience in different kind of technologies, and businesses.

Anneke Ras

After working for almost 20 years in the design side of the fashion industry, I’ve decided to change my life. Literally! Because my job was my life. I loved fashion, and my trips to China each year, and I saw a lot of the world. But during the lock down when everybody has to stay home, I felt super tired. All the travels had broken me. So it was time to reflect, and to realize what is important to be happy and get happiness into my life - make my home a cozy place - have more time for the people around me - do yoga. And with these goals a new brand was born; Maison Boho. I don’t have to travel that often anymore, but I can put all my influences from my travels to Asia and Ibiza in Maison Boho. I hope I will inspire people with my designs.